Craving Cure for Potato Salad

Since I’ve started My Ideal Protein journey, I have had to start learning different ways to prepare food so that I don’t become completely bored with the high protein, low carb fare that I have adopted. Unfortunately I have had to completely swear off of some of my most favorite foods, at least until I hit my weight goal, and the one thing at the top point of my craving list is potatoes. I love potatoes!!! Baked, fried, mashed, hashed…however they’re made, I love them. Read More »

My Personal Checklist to Dealing with Stress

I want to take a moment to pick over a problem that I struggle with constantly. Unnecessary stress is something that most of us place (or allow to be placed) on our already straining shoulders. Some people are Type A persons who take on the stress of making sure that every action of every moment of every day is done to the utmost level of perfection that can be achieved by a human. Others are the kinds of people who place so much strain on themselves to be skinny, have the right look, know the right people, or have the coolest new toy. And let’s not the forget the category that I myself am constantly floundering in; the group that is so worried about everyone else being taken care of and safe and happy that they completely neglect themselves. Read More »

Encouragement for Losing

So today is a big one for me. This will be my fourth weigh-in since I started My Ideal Protein program; three weeks total since I started this weight loss journey. I have lost 14 pounds so far and I have not intention of stopping until I have hit my final goal. I’ve been living and breathing the Ideal Protein program which is based on large amounts of protein and high amounts of green vegetables with hardly any other carbs coming into play until after you complete Phase 1. Phase 1 is where you lose all your weight to reach your goals. The following three phases are actually in place to teach you how to eat normal food each day while maintaining that weight you worked so hard to achieve.

It’s not easy losing weight. Any person who has ever done it, knows it. Read More »

What It May Mean To Be “In Control”


So on this journey that I’m on, I have been spending a large portion of my time reflecting on both my own actions and actions of others that I surround myself with, in order to determine what I need to improve on, both mentally and physically. This way, I hope to elevate myself to a healthier point where I am surrounded by positive and motivational energy.

When I began my third year of college, I began thinking that I needed to change my bad habits and negative personality traits so that I could be happier and blend into a more harmonious world. Read More »


Hey y’all!

So I created this blog for a few different reasons. I needed my own spot to get my thoughts and ideas out to a community where I may find some ideas, support, humor….you name it, to help me through this awesome new journey that I have begun. I just started getting back into living a healthy and clean lifestyle and these last few weeks have been wonderful in many transformational ways. My fear is that I have been at this point before and given up on myself and fallen back into poor habits. I don’t have any desire to lapse again on myself. So I created this blog so that I may hold myself accountable in upholding my lifestyle changes. If I write about it, whether I have any followers or not, it’s important for me to see my progress and lessons that I am learning in becoming a better, healthier form of myself. Finally, if anyone does find this blog and it helps them to form better opinions of themselves and healthier positions in life, then HOORAY! As humans, I believe that we have a wonderful opportunity each day to better the life of someone who we come into contact with. Call me naïve or optimistic, I don’t care! That’s how I am and each day is a blessing to be lived.

Thanks so much for reading and have a happy Friday!